Welcome to the Anovate Financial Solutions cc EME verification portal.

The purpose of this portal is to facilitate and expedite the process of obtaining an EME (Exempt Micro Enterprise) certificate for you the client. Anovate Financial Solutions cc acts as accounting officer for various businesses and as such, in terms of the Codes of Good Practice on Broad-Based BEE issued in accordance with the B-BBEE Act 53 of 2003, is authorised to issue BEE certificates to these businesses that are Exempt Micro Enterprises. The purpose of this on-line portal is to make the process of obtaining a BEE certificate for EME's such as yourself, a seamless, cost-effective and pleasant experience. Once all required information is submitted through this portal our commitment is to provide you with an EME certificate within 48 hours from submission.

To protect the information that you submit online through our verification portal please register your unique username and password below. This will enable you to enter and exit your specific profile, at any time. For the purpose of uploading all information Anovate Financial Solutions cc will require in order to issue you with an EME certificate.

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